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As a global leader in surface treatment, we are well known with the diverse range of industries. Nihon Parkerizing provides chemical solutions in almost every industrial sectors. Where ever there is requirement of surface treatment, high technology and performance products of Nihon Parkerizing are being used. As a supplier of choice from customers, Nihon Parkerizing provided tailor made solutions and closely work with local customer to provide technologies as per their process requirement. Nihon Parkerizing works with TGAL concept. (THINK GLOBALLY ACT LOCALLY CONCEPT)

Nihon Parkerizing supplies surface treatment chemicals to a broad range of industries for a diverse range of purposes including cleaning substrates, adding corrosion resistance, creating a paint base and providing lubrication and design features; as well as offering the latest technologies and our extensive technical supports. In addition, the Nihon Parkerizing Group takes an active approach to global environmental preservation which we perceive as one of our top management priorities, and we are actively pursuing the development of environmentally-friendly products.