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Yuki Wakabayashi
Managing Director

Thank you sincerely for visiting our website. We are committed to serving the diverse needs of our customers by providing environmentally-friendly metal surface treatment chemicals. Every day, we strive relentlessly towards this mission.

India today is in a state of rapid change and evolution. We are steadfast in our commitment to adapting to these changes and delivering solutions that contribute to a sustainable future. Our products and services continually evolve until they meet our customer's satisfaction.

Our goal is to establish the nationwide recognition that "Parker is everywhere in India". Our chemicals being utilized and their quality and reliability acknowledged across the length and breadth of India, is a testament to our dedicated efforts. This sense of accomplishment drives us to aim even higher.

We look forward to walking alongside you as partners in building a sustainable future. We will continue to exert our utmost efforts to meet your expectations. We deeply appreciate your continued support and guidance.