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Nano coating (Pallucid / Palcoat)


PALLUCID / PALCOAT is a new innovation for coating chemical in pre-treatment process that increaSES corrosion resistance and enhancing adhesion efficiency between the paint layer and various type of material, while also responding to customer demand for energy conservation and environmentally friendly.

Nihon Parkerizing India has a long experience in surface modification of automotive, auto parts, and electrical appliances industries.

Through our continuous research and development, Pallucid / Palcoat is a Zirconium type of conversion coating with nano meter level of film thickness. It is free from heavy metals such as Nickel, Manganese and Phosphorous, resulting in reduction of precipitate formation of sludge, which is beneficial for use and is also environmentally friendly.

Moreover, this new chemical can reduce steps and processing time in order to meet the continuously increasing demand of production, while still holding the best properties of the surface treatment including corrosion resistance, and improves adhesion between paint layer and surface of the material.


  • Car body
  • Automotive Part
  • Commercial vehicles


  • Increasing corrosion resistance
  • Enhancing adhesion efficiency between the paint layer and material surface.
  • Environmentally friendly (does not contain Phosphorus, Nickel, Manganese and has less sludge)
  • Shorten process and processing time


Nihon parker provides wide range of Nano coating (Pallucid / Palcoat) Product for automotive Industry under Pallucid & Palcoat Series.

For further details regarding product selection, kindly contact our technical representative.