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Nihon Parkerizing becomes global leader in surface treatment industry. We focus in developing chemicals for metal surface treatment with our vast experience & knowledge in surface treatment business of over 9 decades.

As a market leader in surface treatment & pre-treatment chemicals in India, Nihon Parkerizing has established a state of art manufacturing facility to develop, manufacture & deliver our latest technology global standard product to meet the requirements of our customers.

SAFETY FIRST , SUSTAINABLE GROWTH and ECO & HIGH QUALITY are the company's clear policy considering our business vision.

Safety Policy

Our company is committed to prioritizing the safety and health of our customers, employees, and society as a whole. The principle of Safety First aims to maintain the highest quality and safety standards in all our business activities, for you, your family, and our company.

Compliance Policy

Aiming for a sustainable growth company

  1. Focus on compliance - Maintain a transparent and clean company that is trusted by customers.
  2. Quality is a must - Provide high-quality products that are trusted by customers.

Quality Policy

Eco & high-quality, leading Southeast Asia.

Aiming to lead India and Southeast Asia with eco-friendly, high-quality products and services.