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Rust Preventive Oil For Automotives / Coil


Nihon Parkerizing India Pvt. Ltd. rust preventive solutions are futuristic products suitable for several industries.

  • Solvent Base Type
  • Water Base Type
  • Wax Base Type
  • Oil Base Type


  • Used in Pressed parts
  • Used in export parts
  • Used in Pipe / wire lines
  • Used in Machined tools.
  • Used in engine / mission case.


  • Good Water displacement / Water separability
  • Good rust prevention performance in high temperature / High humidity
  • Good oil film retention
  • Long term rust prevention (medium to long term storage/basket storage)
  • No adverse effect on rubber / plastic parts (quick drying)


Nihon parker provides wide range of Rust preventive oil range for automotive Industry under NOX RUST range.

For further details regarding product selection, kindly contact our technical representative.