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Solid Lubrication (Pallube)


Solid lubricant (Pallube) is a coating that helps in wear resistance and reduces friction on two sliding surfaces without collecting dust. The coating can increase heat resistance and electrical conductivity properties. Even though, the most effective way to reduce friction and wear is the use of fluid lubricants such as oils and greases but it has limitations in some aspects of use.


  • Plunger
  • Gas Cylinder
  • Cocking Handle
  • Screw


  • Loads are high. Extreme pressures squeeze fluid lubricants out from between mating surfaces, causing high friction and wear e.g., heavy machining, wire drawing through dies.
  • Environments are dirty or corrosive. The surfaces of oils and greases collect dust particles, which reduces the efficiency of lubricants. Solid lubricant films are often superior in dusty applications, where complete sealing is impractical e.g., exposed gearing in equipment for mining, road construction, and farming.
  • Parts are inaccessible after assembly or operation. In complex equipment where relubrication by oils or greases is not feasible, solid lubricant films can often provide permanent, in place lubrication e.g., locks, flexible shafts, hinges and pivots in aerodynamic linkages.
  • Assembly of parts is difficult. Solid lubricants prevent galling and seizing during press-fitting or assembling close fitting parts, and bolts are more easily torqued to the proper tension. Disassembly is also easier e.g., various machine parts.


Nihon Parkerizing offers wide range of PALUBE series products.

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