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Phosphate is a conversion process that generates phosphate crystal or film layer on the metal surface, providing various properties such as anti-corrosion, adhesion, wear-resistant, etc. The phosphate process is also known as the Parkerizing process, PAKER process, Bond or Bonderizing, and Lubrite. Dip Tank Chemical Process is operated by Fully Automated and PLC Controlled Operation System.

Nihon Parkerizing can provide various types of phosphate treatment services as follow, Zinc / Zinc-Calcium Phosphate provide anti-corrosion, increase adhesion properties, and also enhance cold forming performance with stearate soap lubricating process (metal soap process) for various steel materials.


  • Car, Truck, Bus: - Transmission Gear, Counter Shaft, Clutch Hub, Shifter Sleeve Shift Rod, Differential Spider Shaft, Differential Pinion Gear, Differential Side Gear, Bushes, Collars, Washers
  • 2Wheelers: - Transmission Gears, Bushes, Collars, Washers, Cam Shaft, Valve Lifter
  • Construction Machinery: - Cylinder Bush, Piston, Plunger, Valve Plate, Pinion Shaft, Pinion Gear


  • Increase Corrosion Resistance
  • Increase Adhesion Ability
  • Increase Oil Absorb Ability
  • Improve Wear Resistance
  • Cost Effective Results


Nihon parker provides wide range of PALBOND SERIES Products.

For further details regarding product selection, kindly contact our technical representative.