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Degreasing & Cleaning


Cleaning is the most important step when preparing the metal surface. Impurities from prior processing steps, such as machining oils, emulsions, metal chips and other dirt, are removed in this process. If cleaning is not effective enough, it may affect the properties of metal surface, such as rust prevention and paint adhesion performance.


  • Cleaners are used for cleaning various types of metal work such as steel, alloy steel, aluminium, etc.
  • It can be apllied by two process i.e. dipping or spray process. depending on the work piece characteristics and processes.
  • Mixing concentration of about 1.0-3.0%.


  • Good for cleaning rust-proof oil and dust.
  • Can be used for both dipping and spray processes
  • Can be used with a variety of materials.
  • Have high performance to clean in hard-to-reach areas such as along folded line.
  • Can separate oil from chemicals easily, makes it easy to clean and expand its life time.
  • Can be used at low temperatures but still has a high efficiency in cleaning and low foaming.
  • Environment friendly: Phosphate and Boron free
  • Have a temporarily rust prevention on metal surface by creating a thin film layer that is effective in preventing rust.
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Nihon parker provides wide range of Degreasing and Cleaning Product for automotive Industry under FINE CLEANER series.

For further details regarding product selection, kindly contact our technical representative.