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Sterate soap lubricant / Dry in place lubricant (PULS)


Chemical for cold forming by creating a coating layer that has lubricating properties and reducing friction when parts goes through cold forming process.

This lubricant coating will prevent welding that might have happened between part and mold during forming or extrusion, which will make it easily to forming, reduce processing step, reduce processing time and prolong service life of mold.


  • Pipe coating industry
  • Wire drawing industry
  • Engine parts - Input Shaft, Side Gear, Inner Race, Sprocket, Ratchet, Pinion, Sleeve, Flange Water Pump, Coupling.


  • To help lubricate and reduce friction for cold forming
  • Help to reduce processing step and processing time


Nihon parker provides wide range of Sterate soap lubricant / Dry in place lubricant (PULS) Product for automotive Industry under Pallube & Fine Lube Series.

For further details regarding product selection, kindly contact our technical representative.